Fence Detective is Born

Once upon a time, a Northland forestry contractor needed to know if an electric fence was on or off. When he couldn’t get in touch with the local farmer – and as he braced himself for a 50/50 chance of getting a nasty electric shock – he said to himself, “There’s got to be an easier way to find out.”

And he was right. After two years of research and development right here in New Zealand, FENCE DETECTIVE® was born. An innovative app that tells you if an electric fence is on or off just by holding your phone near it, Fence Detective makes crossing electric fences or carrying out activities around electric fences easier and safer.

Fence Detective has been showcased at the National Fieldays at Mystery Creek, and in 2015 won the Vodafone Innovation in Technology Award.

Sick of getting shocks from electric fences? Download the Fence Detective app for iPhone or Android today – it’s free for Android users for a limited time, so get in quick!