Don't Fear the Fence

No more clambering over a fence and hoping for the best. FENCE DETECTIVE® for iPhone and Android will tell you if an electric fence is on or off before you find out the hard way. And the best bit? For a limited time, it’s now free for all Android users.

Suitable for all kinds of outdoorsy types like hikers, horse riders, forestry workers and farmers, Fence Detective takes the guesswork out of crossing and working around electric fences. Simply download the Fence Detective app onto your smartphone, hold it near an electric fence, and it will tell you if the fence is on or off. Simple.

Improve your accuracy and range by using the Fence Detective antenna, a nifty device that slots into your smartphone headphone port. The antenna is free with every purchase from the App Store, and costs just $12 for Android smartphones. And if you lose your antenna, replacements and spares are just $12.

Keen to give it a go? Download the Fence Detectiveapp for iPhone or Android today – it’s free for Android users for a limited time, so get in quick!